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Experts in commercialising  technology & innovation

Black Jellyfish has joined forces with Canny Comms communications consultancy, to offer a unique combination of expertise delivering an end-to-end service for commercialising technology and innovation.

Our combined ability to understand complex technology will give our clients competitive advantage in the defence and security industry, ensuring the right people see the value in what they do.

We work with you to commercialise your technology, develop your business, win funding and grow your order book. Our services span the disciplines of strategy, innovation, business development, bidding, communications and marketing.

Whether you need occasional advice, or for us to become a key part of your team, we can’t wait to help.

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Available Services

Our goal is to use our experience and passion for innovation, collaboration and technology, so that the maximum positive impacts are achieved. Working with partners and using our collective expertise we aim to provide unique insight, develop clear strategies and facilitate ambitious plans to maximise value and avoid a long tail with a nasty sting.


Strategic Planning for Innovation & Commercialisation

Business Meeting
  • Technology & innovation strategy to create new offerings and drive growth

  • Strategic marketing and communications to ensure the right people see the value in what you do

  • Development of exploitation roadmaps and commercialisation approach to maximise opportunity for exploitation

  • Organisational design and processes to enhance innovation and collaboration in support of future growth

Building Value From Technology to Grow Your Business

Business Meeting
  • Creating demand through technology focussed marketing and communications designed for defence and security stakeholders

  • Business development and bid management leveraging government, military and industry experience

  • Identification of funding routes, programmes and opportunities

  • Creating partnerships to increase market access

Delivering Insights in Defence & Security Technology

  • Sharing our understanding the Defence Technology & Innovation Landscape

  • Horizon scanning and technology scouting to identify alternative solutions or partners

  • Market intelligence and competitor analysis

  • Facilitation of multi-disciplinary groups to create solutions

  • Training in Defence commercial (CIPS) and crisis management.

About Black Jellyfish

After 25+ years in global technology and consultancy companies, government and academia, James Peddell founded Black Jellyfish. He has demonstrated an outstanding track record at the forefront of global innovation in defence, security, transport, space and beyond. Black Jellyfish engages a network of like-minded experts and organisations to continue advancing technology and innovation in small and large organisations.



Paving The Way


Canny Comms

Canny Comms is BJL Strategic partner to offer a unique combination of expertise delivering an end-to-end service for commercialising technology and innovation.


Collective Facilitation

When you are looking to build academic collaboration, you need an environment where it is safe to be innovative. At The Collective we facilitate events that bring individuals together for stimulating and constructive discussions in a setting where they feel comfortable and able to contribute.


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blæk dʒeli fɪʃ


  • Massive, carnivorous, black sea nettle which swarms in the presence of red tides


  • Emerging technologies and phenomena which can become more complex and connected, creating a disproportionate impact with a long tail and a nasty sting (ref. MOD Global Strategic Trends)